Bristol and Big Rocks

After Play, we went to Bristol to stay with Tom and Stacey.  They took us to historically important places that included Avebury, which is the largest stone circle and has a henge. You can actually walk around and touch things while I get told that you view StoneHenge from metres away behind a fence… The rocks are cracked in parts when people tried to destroy them for religious or practical reasons (i.e. I want this stone to build something).  There was also an ancient tomb and a hill. 

DSC06896       DSC06883 DSC06881       DSC06880

Around the area was wheat fields. It’s funny what seems interesting to you when travelling. The wheat field was very interesting, even though we have loads of these back home.

DSC06895      DSC06893 DSC06899     DSC06892


Bristol is also were I learnt that Bath, as in the place, is in England.  There was a great moment when I saw a sign to Bath and said “Oh, Bath, that must be named after the fanous Bath.. where is that?”  I got many blank looks until they explained that Bath, the famous place, IS that Bath. For some reason I assumed it was mainland Europe, once again because I hadn’t really associated Britian with the Romans.

 DSC06904    DSC06890 

We had a post-Play spin in a park with some spinning-celebrities and went to an amazing bar which had crazy windows.  The glass must have been cut so they were curved with wooden ‘root-like’ frames.

Tom and Stacy have a bunny rabbit!!! Sooo cute!  I was thinking about a bunny as our next pet (never had one as a kid) but after reading their bunny book, I decided they were much more like cats than dogs in temperament and gave up that idea…

We headed back to London after this for a day or two before our flight out to St Petersburg.

I think I’ve said this before but I’m definitely interested in going back to the UK.  I could get the Heritage association book and visit ALL the castles or ALL the manors, ALL the gardens…  So many things to see and they’re all close together!!  I wouldn’t need to be in a bus for 8 hours. (this is quite relevant now in Sth East Asia).

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