St Petersburg

We started our Russian journey in St Petersburg.

On the plane on the way there, I quickly tried to study Cyrillic (Russian alphabet) but was quite bad at it. In the end, the best thing was a child’s app which had pronunciation and examples (but was like “A.. a…apple.. B..b..ball).

It also helped to see words we already knew so we could tells which letters were different.  I would type things out for you but the special characters for the blog doesn’t have Cyrillic so not this time…

As you can see below, D is a wierd crab character, N is H, L is revert pi and C is S.DSC06921

In St Petersburg, we had plans to meet Marat. We met Marat in Fiji, when he sliced his foot open on smashed glass that was buried in the volleyball court.  I tried to help him steer towards antiseptic and dressings while the hostel owner was bringing leaves/roots that the village herbal man advised for.  Anyway, during this we got to talking and when we mentioned we were heading to Russia, he offered to show us around for a few days.

First afternoon, we walked around St Petersburg randomly for a bit, looking at the amazing architecture. It really looked like every building was important. Everything was tall with pillars and carvings.

DSC06918      DSC06909

When we asked our friend, Marat what specific buildings were, he had no idea, or just said “that’s a hotel/department store.”  They were much grander than anything else we’ve seen.  That night we wandered around again.  There was one main strip (Nevsky Prospect) that led to the Hermitage.  The Hermitage is on/very near the river. Across the river is a whole pile of big majestic, lit-up buildings as well.

DSC06949      DSC06950DSC06947     DSC06946  DSC06944     DSC06943

Below is views of the Palace square, outside the Winter Palace.  The archway is important because this is where the revolutionaries entered during the October (Red October) revolutions (When Russia stopped being an empire and became socialist).

DSC06937      DSC06936DSC06935      DSC06934DSC06932      DSC06931DSC06929

As today we just ‘looked’ at things, I have no history or back ground for you. That will have to come later 🙂



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