Trains of the TransMongolian


Didn’t sleep that much at our hostel because there was a ‘club’ just next door. The speakers pointed at our window. The club probably had an inside part as well but all we could see was the kiddies poo and small plastic chairs in a sand-pit This was FULL of people from 11PM-3AM, playing American pop-songs.



Another church with shiny gold domes. Typical street, most buildings 5 storeys at least, lots of tram and bus lines everywhere, intermingling with the power lines (ruined many shots!)

DSC07044      DSC07046 


For lunch we went to a mall food court. Jed and Marat had some traditional food and I went for “weigh and pay’ and had salad and meatballs. I also picked up a brown soda which I assumed was cola. It wasn’t. Marat said it was a Russian soft-drink that’s basically non-alcoholic beer. It tasted terrible.

DSC07041      DSC07042  


Then it was time for the train station. Marat helped us get the right platform and train. ST P- Moscow we were in third class which is 6 beds a ‘room’ (3 lots of bunk beds).


Interesting icecream to be had. The little r looking thing is a G, the H is N,Magnat. The next word is very important!! The W is SH, the triangle without a base is L, the triangle with a base, D. SHOKOLAD = Chocolate. The green flavour wasn’t mint though, it was Pistachio. There was a lot of pistachio flavoured stuff there. In China, green was always green tea flavoured. Why does no-one else understand the importance of Choc-mint??? Or Salt and Vinegar as well.

DSC07049      DSC07051DSC07052


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