Moscow Metro

Moscow Metro Tour

Most of the Moscow Metro stations were built by the Soviets as a “Look at how amazing we are” and hence, they’re pretty amazing! I’m not going to remember which station is which.

DSC07143      DSC07136 DSC07135

See how the dog’s nose is really shiny? Apparently it was considered good luck to rub it.
At this station there was some discrepance between the arch builder and the statue builder so all the states have to be kneeling or crowching down as they wanted them life sized.

DSC07173       DSC07189      DSC07192

There was a lot of marble at the stations, as well as mozaics and bronze statues
Nearly everything was amazing, the light fittings, the grates, the doors, the ceilings. Everything!
I like this carving of a bar because the barboy has found a novel way of holding his glasses. On the back of his forearm!

DSC07174      DSC07176  DSC07180
There was a lot of females around too which I approved of. “Look at these females with a tank! They’re doing their bit for the mother country!” “Ooops, revolution over, go back to making lots of babies”DSC07179       DSC07172      DSC07181

Some of the hallways were very Matrix. Jed and I may have re-enacted Matrix scenes when they were empty.

DSC07190      DSC07194

You should go back through the pictures and look for wheat. Wheat is a very big symbol (have no idea why but we saw it everywhere). It became fun to find the wheat. Maybe it’s a sign of prosperity.

One of our actual stops was a market place. It was a bit deserted because it wasn’t the weekend but it was entertaining nonetheless. There was a pirate ship on some stairs and a ‘palace’ next door. We saw some brides getting photos here.

DSC07147     DSC07154

The fake palace had amazing turrets. It also wouldn’t have been complete without a lifesized Wolverine statue in iron. DSC07159    Very Russian.

Outside the palace, maybe because of the wedding was 5 stretch hummer limos.

DSC07160      DSC07161 DSC07167

Nat trying on a hat, I rather like it. I don’t think I bought anything at these markets. Jed bought a whole Russian army outfit. I felt like I needed to buy a Matryoshka doll but faced with so many, I could never find one that was perfect.

 DSC07149      DSC07150

The rest of this post is just full of the amazing carvings/mozaics/paintings/stained glass there is to see in the metros.

DSC07195      DSC07201 DSC07204      DSC07205 DSC07234      DSC07237 DSC07242      DSC07243      DSC07245 DSC07247      DSC07250 DSC07253      DSC07256 DSC07263


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