Another random walking trip. We picked up our next train tickets then kept walking in one direction. This is often the best way to see a city.  Especially if you don’t care about fitting ALL the things in on time.  Anyway, we found lots of cool stuff so our plan worked.
The first statues we saw were round globes of the stars/horoscopes, ie. what you can see from different areas on earth. We had stumbled on Russias Space Monuments.  There was a giant tower/spire which looks like a cartoon rocket trajectory.  Apparently it is the “Monument to the Conquerors of Space”.  Around it were busts of important people (Cosmonauts Alley) and bronze statues of ‘everyday people’ working to get Russia into space.

DSC07271      DSC07269DSC07277      DSC07279 

Continuing on there’s a market and a fairground. There were a lot more sideshow things than rides (shooting/darts/balls). The feriswheel played a slowed down version of “My Heart Will Go On”. It was painful.
Further on from the fairground there was a park/square/area or amazing big buildings, some gardens and fountains. Some of the buildings were museums but I have no idea about the rest as we can’t read Russian.  Google tells me this area is the All-Russian Exhibition Centre, formerly the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition or Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy. Stalin wanted it made to illustrate the amazingness of Soviet industry. Unfortunately it wasn’t completed two years in a row and the date kept being pushed back (then the people responsible were arrested…).   Anyway, the big building are pavilions of different regions who would provide exhibits.
There were lots of columns. And carvings and statues…

Moscow Fairground      DSC07280  Central Pavillion  DSC07286      DSC07288 Moscow Fountain      DSC07291DSC07297      DSC07299 

Near the back there was a Giant Rocket. I have no idea if this one actually did something or is just for show.DSC07295     DSC07300

It was great to people watch for the day. One thing I found amazing was the amount of rollerbladers. It was like an 80s movie in California. I really missed my rollerblades and wished they had them for hire. They had scooter and bike hire around the place. And small motorised cars for children.


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