On the Rail Again…

Today was a short day. We started our next train journey from Moscow to Yekaterinburg.  But we did walk around the city once more…

There were lots of kebab/shwarma places in Russia. Jed loved the large stack of chicken in this one.
DSC07303      DSC07304 

Russia had some nice park/pond/tree areas around.
The best way to fix a house in Russia? DUCT TAPE!!

DSC07305      DSC07307 

Our train! (I’m in the window). As you see, our carriage is the only one without an openable window. 😦 Others reported being cold but we got quite stuffy in ours.

DSC07308      DSC07310
We were in third class for this leg. Unfortunately our cabin-mates didn’t speak English and didn’t want to entertain our phrasebook Russian or gestures. So it was pretty boring for a while. The scenery captures your attention for 5 mins of every hour. In the rest of the time, we read books, played cards and ate cuppa-noodles (there was a hot water urn at the end of the cart so this is the best food). We brought biscuits and chocolate and fruit too.
These pictures illustrate the scenery… Farmland, forest and sometimes stations.

DSC07317      DSC07322 DSC07325      DSC07328


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