Ekaterinburg or Yekaterinburg was our third stop in Russia.  This was the place that the Rominov family were taken and later killed.

We spent two days here, just wandering around to different landmarks.

First of is the Church on Blood in Honour of All Saints Resplendent in the Russian Land. (told you they liked long names) also called Church of All Saints or Church on Blood (not to be confused with the Church on Spilled Blood in St Petersburg).  This is built on the place where the Rominovs were slaughtered. The house was demolished in 1977 by the communists as it became a symbol for royalists.  The church was built in 2000-2003.

DSC07348     DSC07346

Yekaterinburg had quite a bit of modern public art, statues and other things.  Some of the graffiti was also really well done.  I can’t decide whether the angry bird is graffiti or not…  And the rollerblading signs. So much rollerblading!

DSC07341     DSC07340 DSC07333     DSC07334

Yekaterinburg is/was the industrial capital at one point. Good connection between Asia and Europe.  It was quite modern in parts.
The Great Zlatoust Church, an older building with a soviet spire and the modern skyscrapers near the waterfront.  The church was demolished in 1930 to make way for Lenin and Stalin statues but rebuilt in 2000 from old photographs.

DSC07336     DSC07335  DSC07332


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